Very interested in israeli-palestinian conflict and also convinced of the fact that the art has to be in the service of peace and nonviolence, Valentina is still very young when she goes to the occupied territories of the West Bank, where she hopes to give a meaning to her role as an artist and pedagogue through the mysterious universe of Palestinian children. Here, in collaboration with the Edward Saïd National Conservatory of Palestine, she starts an intense pedagogical activity of several years, going to different places of Palestine: from Jerusalem to Nablus, from Jericho to Birzeit, a little oasis of peace which welcomes hundreds of refugee children every year and which gives them the opportunity to live the hope through music. Valentina does different activities there: clarinet lessons, chamber music lessons, music initiation, orchestra... in that complex environment she fulfills her mission. Both in Palestine and in Western society, the role of an artist-educator is crucial: it musts produce the desire to identify and overcome problems, to find the right way to build a better future. "Beauty will save the world", said Dostoevskij: awareness of the fact that education and art could make us free, shows that we finally live in a free society.