Valentina Rebaudo

Up and coming clarinettist in the Lake Geneva region, Valentina Rebaudo stems from the Nice National Conservatory, the Musikhochschule from Freiburg in Breisgau and the University of Music Lausanne. Not content to work with several European orchestras and being very active in chamber music, this young artist of Italian origin made new ground by promoting music as a form of non-violent resistance: the responsibility of the educator in the formation of the human dimension of an artist is near and dear to her heart. Putting words into action, she teaches music to children in Palestinian refugee camps in collaboration with the Edward Said National Conservatory of Palestine, and organizes teaching projects in Mexic, Paraguay... Valentina is the clarinet teacher at the Rolle Music School, and she is the dean of the theory department - children pedagogy section, at the Lausanne Conservatory.

Text by Olivier Burkhalter


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May 13, 4 p.m.

Concert with Violaine Contreras de Haro (narrator)

With the participation of Justin Lamy (violin), Joachim Forlani (clarinet), Sébastien Gex (basset horn) and Michele Danzi (bassoon)


Théâtre de la Tournelle, Orbe, Switzerland

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Very involved in pedagogy since always, Valentina Rebaudo has teached clarinet and special education for children (1-7 years) in several schools of the Lemanic region. She sets up several pedagogical projects and holds conferences in Switzerland and abroad.

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April 11: Conference "Music, this beautiful resistance" - Hôtel Bon Rivage, La Tour-de-Peilz, Switzerland