"Father, you cannot imagine the beauty of the sound of the clarinet!"

That is how Mozart was talking about an instrument which was going to become important in his repertoire, such as unforgettable works like the Quintet with string quartet or the Concerto in A Major. The affection the Salzburg master had for the clarinet made this instrument very appropriate to accompany singers in these original orchestra reductions.

As soon as they were created, in 2013, the shows of the OPERA VIVA! Ensemble (three singers and three clarinets) were very successful, thanks to a happy alliance between opera and chamber music. This Ensemble was very applauded, among all, at the Gstaad New Year Music Festival, at the Festival of Le Bois qui Chante in Château-d'Oex, at the lunchtime concerts of the Lausanne Haute Ecole de Musique, at the Festival Musicologny, at the Echandens Castle and at the Musicales of Champex-Lac.

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