In her own country, Valentina is regularly invited to hold conferences on her educational and humanitarian activity. In 2013, she has been invited to the International Festival of the Child's Right in Pavia: she held a concert-conference on music as a form of non-violent resistance, as an experience of life of growth and freedom where the child looks at art as the only solution for building a better future. On the notes of the Song of the Birds by Pablo Casals, of Sharek Dahab by Basel Zayed and of the Sonate for clarinet by Francis Poulenc, Valentina presented music as a "beautiful resistance" for every society in which young people need to live hope and peace. In 2017, the A.Aprosio High School, in Ventimiglia, invited her to hold an open conference for students and teachers, on the importance of music in school as a means of bringing about peace and integration. Finally, Valentina is in charge of La Musica Anima Pigna Festival, since 2018: with this festival, she wants to highlight the binomial "tradition" and "innovation" through music.

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